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Terms and Conditions

  1. Before referring any tuition to a tutor, we charge a non-refundable registration fee of Rs 1000/=, which can be paid through EasyPaisa, MobiCash or by bank accounts. If a tutor doesn't receive any tuition within 30 days, they can request a refund, but once they receive even one tuition, the registration fee becomes non-refundable. Tutors with good backgrounds usually get tuitions within a week or two.
  2. (a) For every home tuition provided by Veritas Learning Academy, we charge 50% commission only on the first month.
    (b) For lumpsum/short-term (1 month or less) home tuitions, we charge a 35% commission.
  3. If a tutor refers a tuition to Veritas Learning Academy, they will receive 30% of the commission received from the first month's tuition. No other academy offers such incentives to tutors.
  4. The fees for the first month of all home tuitions provided by Veritas Learning Academy will be collected in advance from parents/students by the collection officer and released to the tutor on the 15th day from the joining date. From the second month onwards, tutors will collect the remaining fees directly from parents/students at the middle of the month. Payment may be delayed if the tutor is not punctual or shows irresponsible behavior.
  5. Home tutors are advised to provide parents/students with a copy of their national identity card (CNIC) for security reasons.
  6. Please do not register if you cannot teach. (most important point)
  7. The rules, guidelines, and commission system for tutors are subject to change. Tutors will be informed of any updates via SMS.
  8. When there is a teaching vacancy, we inform the concerned teachers/tutors via SMS/call. If interested, the tutor can reply with the REFERENCE # mentioned in the SMS to receive the student/parent's contact details.
  9. Tutors are strictly prohibited from sharing confidential tuition information with any third party. Violation of this will lead to immediate termination and no further tuitions will be provided.
  10. Tutors must not provide misleading information or documents to the Veritas Learning Academy.
  11. Veritas Learning Academy reserves the right to take action against applicants who do not comply with the rules and regulations.
  12. After assessing the provided information, we will conduct an interview with applicants who meet our requirements.
  13. Tutors must keep the Academy updated on the progress of tuitions, and a quick response is appreciated. Failure to provide feedback within 24 hours may lead to cancellation of registration.
  14. Veritas Learning Academy selects tutors for tuitions according to its preferences, and tutors cannot demand specific tuitions if they don't meet all requirements.
  15. Veritas Learning Academy is responsible for referring suitable tuitions to tutors, while finalizing the tuition and conducting demo classes is the tutor's responsibility.
  16. If a tutor fails in a demo class, their performance will be negatively affected, and continuous failure in more than two demo classes may result in termination without refunds.
  17. Veritas Learning Academy monitors tutors closely, and any fraudulent behavior will be taken seriously. Legal action may be taken in case of fraud.
  18. Home tutors must not resort to physical violence against students, and any complaints should be reported to parents and the Tutor Agency. Veritas Learning Academy does not endorse any form of physical violence.
  19. Veritas Learning Academy advises tutors to provide weekly and monthly progress reports to parents of the students they teach.
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